10 key information every property agent should keep handy.

10 key information every property agent should keep handy.

When a client approaches a property agent, he expects the agent to be ready with key information. In case he is not able to provide the details quickly, it creates a bad impression about his professional standards. Besides, the property agent runs the risk of losing the potential client who concludes the agent is not updated with key information every property agent should keep handy and needs time to acquire it before sharing it.

When a customer gets in touch with a property agent, he expects him to show speed, awareness, and insight. He hopes the property agent knows more about the market scenario. What he knows should be accurate to create a positive impression. It should make the client feel inclined to sign him up for his real estate needs.   

A property agent should focus on staying up-to-date with key information so that he does not fumble or seek time to acquire it for the client.


   Reliable Data On Availability

The property agent should have up-to-date information on the status of listed properties. He should be aware of what is sold and what is unsold. When a client raises a query, he should be able to respond to the latest update. It leads to wastage of time if he delivers incorrect information regarding availability.  


   Property Price Range

The client expects the property agent to know the price of the property. Even if it is not fully accurate, the range he quotes should not be wide. His estimate should be closest to the best price offer. He should know the ongoing rates in prime and developing locations as well. This establishes his familiarity with the market & definitely is a key information every property agent should keep handy.


   Neighborhood Information And Trends

A client expects the property agent to know neighborhoods very well. If he raises a query regarding the safety aspect in a particular area, the agent should be able to say whether the locality is safe or not. If he needs any insight regarding trends, the property agent should be able to guide him well. His resources should be amazing when it comes to insights.    


   Comparative Market Analysis

A property agent should have proper knowledge about the state of the current market conditions. He should be able to provide information regarding the comparable sales in the area the client prefers to know about. If he is able to deliver updates regarding the property conditions, it makes his position stronger.  This makes it a key information every property agent should keep handy.


   Budget Specific Properties

Any news of budget specific properties is welcome. When the property agent gets a query from the client, he should be able to offer a refined list of properties within the specified budget. Any scope of negotiation and the payment terms should be made clear to the client. His precise inputs enable the customer to proceed accordingly and close the deal faster.


   Local Environment Status

The client should get a proper response to his queries pertaining to the infrastructure available. Schools, hospitals, market, connectivity, and hospitals figure in the list of his priorities. The property agent should know what is available in the surrounding area so that living here can prove to be convenient for the client. It should appear that the property agent has a rich knowledge base about localities.


   Property Background Information

If a client wants to know the details of a property, he should know what is good to suggest to any buyer and what should be avoided. There are many disputed properties under litigation available at cheap rates. He should know those details and guide the client to stay away from such properties. He knows how long it is listed and why it is not getting sold. This shows he has a finger on the pulse of the market. Moreover, he proves to be a reliable agent who carries key information every property agent should keep handy.


   Registration Rates And Other Expenses

A client is curious to know the extra charges applicable in case he buys a property. Sometimes he wants to know the stamp duty charges and legal fees. An agent should be able to offer information about the ongoing registration rates, about home insurance rates. These rates vary for women and men, from circle to circle. He should be able to furnish correct and latest figures. He should not come across as an ignorant professional. 


   Rules And Regulations On Property Sale Or Purchase

States have different laws regarding the registration of properties and the property agent should have a working knowledge of these. He should be able to tell the client the timeline required for the property title search and the legal paperwork involved in the process. Also, he should bring to his notice any recent changes in laws so that the client can prepare himself accordingly. He should be well-informed in advance and the property agent should from the very beginning present honesty and sincerity in his approach.   


   Ready Recommendation Of Best Lenders

A property agent has a wide network of lenders and he can offer those contacts to the client so that he gets a lower interest rate. Even a small saving of 0.25 percent in interest rate works out profitably in the long term. When a client seeks to know whether the property agent can facilitate the best loan rate for his funds, he should be able to offer the best rate. It should be the key information every property agent should keep handy, so that he doesn’t come off as somebody making a tall promise he cannot manage later.   

If a property agent has valuable information relating to these aspects in hand, the client feels confident of the aptitude of the professional he is interacting with. Many clients are able to decide at this initial stage whether he is the right agent to go ahead with or not.  Therefore, it is important for a property agent to appear intelligent, smart, and well-informed when the potential client seeks key information from him. That makes it the ultimate key information every property agent should keep handy.

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