Agents with complete profiles get more business

Agents with complete profiles get more business

A profile which is 90 percent complete will be preferred over another profile which is just 70 percent completed, even if the agents have the same skill set and work experience in the real estate market. This underlines the importance of a complete profile in generating more business leads.

There is often no particular reason why the real estate agents do not complete their profile. They feel that adding a few key aspects is more than enough. This casual approach affects their rankings and limits their profile views, which in turn, affects their business adversely.  


It requires patience to make the profile complete instead of rushing through it. The problem is that most agents do not like to proceed beyond the basic information. The person looking at the agent profile is expecting complete information from the agent in order to engage with him. If he finds that the agent has not bothered to share his full details, it reveals an unprofessional mindset. It also shows that the agent does not want to be transparent. This germinates unnecessary doubts and makes the potential client think that the agent probably does not have anything worth talking about in terms of experience.


Agents do not want to add their picture. They are perhaps conscious of their looks or feel the picture will have a negative impact if they do not have a photogenic face. They also feel insecure about identity theft. But think of the client alone. He is not expecting the agent to be dashing or awesome in looks. He wants to see a face he can recognize and identify. He does not want to deal with a faceless agent. Many agents who ignore this vital aspect are the ones who fetch poor response. The truth is that there is nothing lacking in them, but the potential client is more convinced to contact you if he views your profile picture.  


There are several bits of information an agent should share for more transparency. His education, past experience, and skill set need to be elaborated in a simple, forthright manner, without mincing words. When the potential client looks at the factual information, he views your achievements at a glance. If the agent is forthcoming about his previous client list, it adds more worth to his profile. As a result, he enjoys a higher ranking. Many top-rated agents are insecure and do not reveal the names of their existing clients in the fear of poaching.Clients depend on a complete profile to shortlist the top agents. If the profile is incomplete, the client loses interest in the property agent. Some needless questions float in his mind and even the good agents are removed from his consideration list.When an agent acquires excessive awareness and becomes more responsive, there is a positive feedback from clients and this helps in closing deals faster. He gets more business and referrals on the basis of his profile strength and higher ratings and rankings.Real estate agents need to eliminate their half-baked ideas about client behaviour. It is incorrect to think clients do not go through complete details of the real estate agent on the portal because they do not have much time to spend. The truth is that while going through the top-rated city agents, they actually end up checking the profiles of those agents that are complete in every possible way.

        Needless to say, it is a must for an agent intending to improve his business. A complete agent profile makes his task a lot easier. It gets him more leads and converts those in successful deals. A complete profile connects better and generates trust in fellow agents who are looking to network with equally committed professionals.

          Instead of skipping information sought while making the profile, the agent should add every small detail sought without any hesitation. A complete profile does not lead to any breakdown of secrecy or privacy but, it is actually an effort to bring agents closer to clients. Pay attention to structuring a complete profile. It solves worries and makes the client feel more comfortable to connect with the property agent.


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