Be the Realty Falcon

The Falcon is a hallmark of superiority and aspirations. This spirit animal has a great speed of thought; it is fast, efficient and secures the top most place for itself.  If you are aiming to reach the zenith of success, the falcon is your animal totem. To act intelligently on your passion and for the pursuit of higher goals, invoke the spirit of falcon within. Among a flock of real estate developers, a booming developer thinks and executes things differently to obtain his goal. Let’s explore how a Realty Falcon plans tactfully and thinks ahead.

“ Location is the key to most businesses, and the entrepreneurs typically build their reputation at a particular spot.”

Before investing in a project a developer must invest in knowing their target audience. Projects should cater to consumer demands and must be planned and promoted keeping the audience in mind. A better knowledge of the end users and their preferences in terms of good social infrastructure and multi-nodal transport connectivity, helps identify the ideal location for a real estate development. A thorough knowledge of the planned infrastructure upgrades in the vicinity and its being in sync with the proposed project’s timeline are the factors that a successful and a sharp developer considers before acquisition of land is made. Like the falcon, a successful developer has a great visionary power, can think well, calculate and make unfaltering strategies.

“Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one.”

Demand for the original is always high. A project should always have something unique to offer to its patrons. In order to give shape to something unique, customisation of the facilities and amenities as per the audience category is required. Categorising your target audience helps to gauge their taste and preference.  For instance, luxury housing consumer preferences differ vastly from that of a mass-housing consumer. Therefore serving the right project to the right buyer with customised facilities makes the builder cut the market competition and stand out unique. Analysis backed by personalisation and not mere emulation of the projects in the neighborhood will make you rise high as the falcon.

“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise.”

Real estate developers must build his brand image big. Resonating with its niche helps the brand in building brand recognition for itself. A project’s brand equity also contributes towards its success rate. In other words, your project sells for its brand name too. A successful brand builds a transparent relationship with its patrons and delivers more than what it promises. In a post-RERA era, the honest and transparent developer wins the race. Therefore, a good reputation and transparency in the real estate market place can bring organized real estate referrals and cut down on competition from other developers. Leaving behind your competitors, embrace the spirit of the higher self of the falcon to soar successfully.

“Word of mouth is the best form of publicity and channel partners are  your loyal brand ambassadors. “

With the right publicity, a newly released movie is a blockbuster. Similarly, a project is a hit with the right marketing strategy at the right time, right place and with the right advocates. The smarter you market your project, the quicker it’s sold. Contemporary and modernized ways of marketing help you gain the best return on investment. Right partnership with the right marketing  can win you a great deal. Channelized marketing through real estate agents makes a Realty Falcon. A highly rated and reviewed professional agent can bring home the most personal buying experience for a consumer. Therefore converting leads through channel partners becomes much easier than spending your resources on marketing strategies that lack building one to one relationship with your target group. Word of mouth spreads faster than other forms of publicity. Registered realtors become your brand ambassadors and share your success stories, making them larger than life. Therefore, if you have 50 channel partners, you have 50 effective channels of marketing your project.

Enlisting realty projects on online real estate market places like Monest helps in building connection with multiple channel partners. First of its kind in the market, Monest is the yelp of realty marketing that offers you a chance of being discovered effortlessly by the entire pool of channel partners. Monest helps you meet the right brand ambassadors for your project who do more than just selling your project. These channel partners  go an extra step to build a courteous customer relationship and differentiate the Realty falcon within you among the mediocre realty developers. So it is not just marketing but smart and effective marketing strategies that can help you soar high and boundless like the falcon in the realty sky.


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