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How can Monest help you find the Right Agent?

About 80% people search online for home buying needs and the role of agents is immense. Monest has emerged as the best solution to end chronic problems faced by home buyers over the years. It has become operational for customers now. It offers them the opportunity to connect with property agents for their real estate needs.  

   Accredited Agent Network

If you were afraid of harassment or cheating by unscrupulous agents in the past, you have a big reason to cheer now. Look forward to a new start. Monest is the only platform that allows accredited, verified agents to operate, unlike other property portals where all kinds of dealers navigate. Customers have the sense of security that they are dealing with genuine agents on Monest.

   Ratings and Reviews System

You have always been worried about how to find the top-rated agents in your city. This claim is made by all but never substantiated. Now Monest offers the option of review and ratings. It allows customers to rank and review the performance of their agents. Poor ratings drive them out of business. As a result, there is a sense of responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. In case you want to connect with the top-ranking agents, you can read the reviews and follow the ratings before connecting with them.

   Transparent, Simple and Instant

Customers can get an instant response from the agents they approach. This is a simple and transparent platform where nothing is hidden. All relevant areas are accessible and you can satisfy yourself regarding every aspect in case you require a specific information.

   Realty Reality  

In other portals you are not shown pictures of the real location. What you get to see is meant to hook your interest. Later on, they show you other properties. Many properties are expired or already occupied, but the listing still appears in the portals. Monest is different. Agents operating here update their listings.

   Special Attributes

A portal search does not throw specific options that an agent can provide. Monest connects buyers with agents who can meet the specific requirements of their clients. Some need to buy a property near a school while some want to stay near a hospital for the sake of aged parents.

   User Interaction

Users are allowed to directly interact with agents and get real properties as per their need. This unique facility puts Monest in a different league from other portals. User experience is smooth and easy here, unlike other portals where random people act as property agents and charge brokerage just to show the right property instead of providing a host of services.

   Total Relaxation

Once you have shared your requirement, your job is done. You do not have to worry as the agents will contact you and bring the right property options to you. You search your local agent who is professionally engaged into real estate and then contact on the basis of ratings and get the right solution.                                 

   Informed Decision

On Monest, you spend time looking for the right agent who suggests best property options in a professional manner and builds identity and credibility. You need not waste time in scrolling the long inventory list. Getting in touch with the right agent will end your woes.  

   Document Sharing

Customers can receive documents from agents. This option is a big advantage for buyers who can access valuable information through this network.

   Area of Specialization

Instead of looking for real agents, you have the option to search for agents who operate in a particular domain. If you need a commercial property, you have the option to search for top-rated agents in the commercial property segment. If you have a residential need, you have the scope to look for a real estate agent who specializes in flats and houses. Likewise, search for those engaged in the primary market and in the resale market.

These major advantages are likely to impress customers who manage to get access to the right agent with ease. Monest has changed the way of doing business in Pune and for customers, it is a big gain. For agents, this is the best platform that grows their business and allows them to network with others. With ambitious plans to scale up operations throughout the country, customers from all big cities will soon have major relief with Monest providing access to the right real estate agent.

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