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Choose a rented apartment over a PG for students

The popularity of PG accommodation has declined. Students prefer to form a group and rent a flat on sharing basis. There are several benefits driving this change.  

   More Freedom

Youngsters love the idea of freedom – a life without rules and restrictions. Living in an apartment gives students greater freedom. The landlord does not raise any objections so long as there are no illegal activities carried out on his premises and he receives his rent on time. Students do not have to live under constant watch – activities are not monitored. As they can choose friends, they like to share the space with, they are able to adjust better.    

   Features And Amenities

Apartments appeal to students because there are separate rooms, private washroom, and living space for entertainment. It is a less chaotic space. They can concentrate better on studies. No need to go out as there are other features like a gym, swimming pool, and café inside the apartment complex.


Get a furnished apartment but do not bear all the expenses involved. There is a friend or two to split it with. Estimate what you get for the proportionate costs. It is worth renting a flat. Eat anything of choice and enjoy privacy. Establish credentials as a tenant from a young age.

   More Space

Another major perk is that there is a lot more space. It includes more storage, modular, open kitchen, a king-size living room and your own bedroom. Have more space to spread out.

   Fun Moments

Students who live in rented apartments have more fun as they welcome friends for late-night parties or weekend get-togethers. Decorate the space. Go out late at night to explore the city. No need to seek permission or explain delays.

   Parent Visit

In a rented apartment, parents can come and stay overnight. They can get to know more about the friends sharing the apartment space. Parents of all those staying together in a flat can connect with each other and share the latest updates.    


A flat is a lot cleaner and pest-free. With limited members sharing the space, there is proper maintenance and hence there is a lesser chance of health and hygiene issues. Clean the floor or hire a domestic help to take care of washing and cleaning chores.


Security is a major concern. Look for safe areas where the rate of crime is very low. This allows moving around freely in groups. Venture out alone in the dark. Even parents insist on the aspect of safety while looking for a rented place to stay. Staying with friends is a lot safer.  


Some prefer to live in an area where many students live. But some prefer to live in areas far away from students. It is a matter of individual choice and depends on what the like-minded friends prefer.

An apartment sounds ideal, but this housing option comes with some drawbacks worth considering. Search for an apartment complex with flexible lease terms, stay near the college to shorten the commute time and travel costs. Allocate budget for food, household supplies, and other essential items. Besides, it is tough for students, especially girls, to find accommodation on their own. This makes it important to connect with genuine, verified property agents who offer the best available options in the locality of individual preference and convince the landowners. Without the active involvement of the agent, it becomes difficult for students to find rental accommodation in any city.

   Zero Experience

College students are young and reckless. For most, this is the first time they are living on their own. Their inexperience in maintaining a property makes the owner wary. Their negligence leads to major damage to the property. If it is not fixed in time, the landowner has to bear the extra cost later.

   Casual Money Management

Again, for the majority of students, this is the first time they are living on their own. The flow of money is not regular. Sticking to a budget becomes challenging. A night out with friends may seem like a better way to spend money than on monthly rent. If they blow it up, they probably do not have money to pay rent. If you evict them, then half-way through the year it becomes difficult to find a suitable replacement.  

   Frequent Change

When renting to students, landlords may be faced with a yearly switch. Students usually sign short-term leases that run the length of the college year. Property owners have to fix any damage to the apartment and find new tenants frequently.

   No History

Screening students is more difficult than screening other tenants. They are very young and have a limited employment and rental history. It is common to have a parent co-sign a student’s lease. In case the student stops paying rent, the parent is responsible for clearing the rental dues.

   Lease Breach

Students have a tendency to disregard many of the clauses mentioned in the agreement they have signed. They have a tendency to be noisy. They use their apartment to throw parties or play loud music on a regular basis. A friend walks in and stays for a week like a family member – apart from the ones listed in the agreement. It is not possible to monitor such developments. Frequent visitors also cause more damage to the property.


Sometimes students vacate the flat when the holiday season begins – only to save rent for a month. Unless it is specified in the contract that it is mandatory to pay rent for the full term of tenancy irrespective of whether the students stay or not, they will find such ways to save money.    

Property agents – genuine and verified – can assist students in securing flats to rent in the new city. As they have already joined the Monest network, students can search for the top-rated agents with the highest ratings and reviews. Real estate agents can help them find rental solutions and get the best offers. Also, they are able to negotiate better with landowners – something which students cannot manage on their own because the situation is not in their favor.

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