Having a Digital Profile on MONEST will help in growing your business.

Grow better profile, grow your property business

Having a digital profile is important because most of the transactions are conducted online these days. With a digital profile on Monest, your business will also grow. Hence, it is one area of consideration that requires initiative and considerable effort from the agent. There are several key benefits to be kept in mind.

   User demand

To begin with, customers do not have much time to spend. It is a waste of time when they do not find proper direction in a smooth manner. Most of the decision- making processes are triggered online. Ramping up your digital presence enables you to tap the wide base of customers. Monest plays an active role in offering you the platform from where you showcase your credentials and derive the benefit of wide customer reach. Imagine lakhs of potential customers having a look at your profile on Monest. Imagine the impact and the mileage you get. If you highlight your achievements well, you are likely to get an overwhelming response from customers who trust Monest more than any other platform.  


   Local experts

Customers looking for real estate solutions need experts in their localities. Whether they want to buy, sell, or rent, their focus is on finding those who know the localities very well. They need real estate professionals who can offer them the best advice and help them secure the best deals. Monest is an agent marketplace. When you are present on Monest, potential customers find it easier to reach out to you.  

   Surrogate presence

A digital profile acts as a surrogate website for you. All your credentials are highlighted and the potential client gets an overview even though he has not met you personally. As he gets all the basic and vital information regarding your professional conduct and experience through the virtual world, he is able to assess you better. He is able to make up his mind whether he wants to deal with you or not. Enabling him to reach this level of decision-making is a big achievement made possible because of your digital profile.  

   Professional façade

Your digital profile brings out your professional front. It creates the first impression that makes a big impact. The real estate market is teeming with property agents but most of them are not professional and verified. There is a big opportunity to create a positive image with the help of digital profile because the number of professional agents is limited. In order to venture in the direction of professionalism, this is the first big leap you need to take.


   Expand Reach

The digital profile makes it possible to expand your reach as you are able to share your profile over email and Whatsapp even by your referrals, to begin with. The intent of doing business with an agent increases manifold when you evolve with an active digital life. You are not just a phone number and a name anymore. A comprehensive digital profile showcases all about you as a professional, all that is worth knowing before the customer makes up his mind.

   Dynamic profile

A digital profile is very dynamic. It reflects your activities on your profile. Ratings and reviews, views, customers serviced and properties are some of the major highlights. Besides, it provides you with feedback from customers. You can focus on the areas of improvement. Also, it bolsters confidence from new clientele. Much of it gets converted into business.

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