HR Managers recommend Monest

HR Personnel recommend MONEST to active workforce

HR personnel always help businesses and employees in building a more efficient system. When they recommend Monest to their active workforce for housing solutions, it becomes the favourite with the teams in offices across multiple sectors. Exactly the same kind of popularity is currently on display as HR personnelfind Monest to be the best search portal for property agents in and around Pune.   

   Impact on business

Being business partners, the role of HR manager is to not only ensure that the new recruit settles in quickly, but also that the business does not get adversely affected. When the new joinee scouts from one place to another, chasing agents and having a look at the available properties, the business gets impacted. He cannot concentrate on the new job with a worry-free mind. He has to take half-day leave to go and check out the flat premises and negotiate a deal. Even during office hours, he is searching for property options and agents. This loss of productive time hampers the organization. HR personnel have the potential to help them out in this regard. When a new candidate gets to find his home without any agony or trouble, he is able to settle down quickly and work better. These hassles are taken care of when the HR Manager recommends Monest or connects him to the top-rated real estate agents on the portal. Being new to the city, he is not aware of the right kind of people to deal with. Any reliable assistance from HR manager in this regard is helpful.

   Agent recommendation

 HR Personnel would not like to tarnish their image or end up recommending an agent who dupes the employee. Since his own reputation is involved, he prefers to keep a shortlist of the most reliable agents operating on the Monest platform.

Some HR personnel have few agents that they recommend or even have tie-ups with them. Most of them also reimburse the agent commission fee that comes as a part of the relocation expenses to the employee.  

When they send across requirements to professional property agents on Monest, they are best equipped to help you find a suitable living unit in the shortest possible time. The verified, rating and reviewing system on Monest helps expedite the process of freezing the best options. Business stands to gain as the employees remain productive at work. They are not tied up with the worries of accommodation. As HR, people are the first contact for an employee in a company, there is a need to make them suggest Monest to the newcomers or those transferred from other city offices to ensure a smooth relocation for them.

HR personnel have already taken note of the growing professionalism in the Monest network and they are recommending the brand and referring top-rated agents for their employees. The entire process is highly transparent with the sole objective of making the organization stay on the right track.


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