Live near schools in Pune

Live near leading schools in Pune

People who have shifted to Pune for better jobs or have been transferred to the city are in search of the right location that offers the best schools in the neighbourhood. In the present situation, Pune has many good schools for boys, girls, convent schools, and co-educational schools. Areas like Hinjewadi, Baner, Wakad, Koregaon Park and Wagholi are in prime demand on account of a better response from home hunters because of good schools in the localities. Apart from affordability, this happens to be the second most important consideration while choosing a locality. Parents find it worthwhile to stay close to the school area as it carries several benefits for children.


Children have the freedom to walk to and from school. There is no need to wait for the school bus or a parent to come and pick him up. It enables children to allocate their time accordingly and there is no need to depend on others. This instills self-discipline.  


Living in the vicinity of a school eliminates wastage of time. Children do not have to wait. They simply walk to school according to their schedule. Parents do not need to spend time on transporting them to school. Drop off and pick up lines are serpentine. Avoiding this time-consuming process is welcomed by parents.    


Driving the child to and from school leads to bigger financial burden in terms of fuel cost and driver salary. Annual school bus fees are an additional expense. Therefore, living close to the school reduces extra costs and eliminates the necessity of driving your kid to school.  

   Outdoor Amenities

The school ground has several perks. Playground equipment is a big advantage. The school property includes basketball courts, fields for baseball, soccer, and cricket. Some also have tennis courts. Being able to walk to these areas is a key advantage particularly for working parents with multiple children.


Children have lesser chances of encountering predators or dangerous intersections if they live close to the school. Homes that are adjacent to the campus provide a prime view of the outdoor amenities. Parents can see their children by simply looking out of the window of their apartments.


Children can be rushed home if they are unwell or parents and guardians can quickly reach the school if they have to do so under special situations.   


Getting kids off to school in the morning can be a chore. Many kids cannot handle early mornings. A rushed atmosphere can prove to be unhealthy. Family tension gets reduced when the wake-up routine is not a struggle.


Kids also like being in control. Walk to and from school builds a sense of empowerment. Equally important is the scope of outdoor activities just steps away. A ride is not needed to reach the playground equipment or play sports with friends.


Kids forget things on a regular basis. Living close to a school lessens the stress associated with forgetfulness. Children do not have to rely on a parent for a ride back to the school. They can return on their own and carry the forgotten item.

   Bus Ride

Many children prefer not to take a bus to school. The routine of riding a bus includes the time spent walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, and the boring, jerky bus ride. When you live close to a school, a simple walk eliminates the burden.

   Extra Curricular Activities

Children have more energy and time to pursue a hobby or some game. They can learn dance, music, martial arts, foreign language, swimming or painting in their leisure hours. It leads to proper utilisation of time and they learn to value its supreme importance in life.

Parents consider many options while looking for a home and they prefer a location that gives maximum comfort to their growing up children so that they do not have to face any problems while they are away at work. If children are going to attend the neighborhood school, the proximity to the school is one major aspect that needs serious consideration.

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