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How living in a good community helps the overall development of your child

Whenever the question of proper upbringing of a child is raised, the focus is on the school he attends and the family he belongs to. But the society he grows up in also has a significant role in the overall development of your child. What he learns in the neighbourhood influences his mind and morals. Therefore, choosing a good community should be a priority as your growing up kids should inculcate the right value system in life.

   Hygienic Living

Where the neighbourhood is clean and hygienic, children grow up learning the virtue of keeping the neighbourhood dirt-free. Kids in the neighbourhood keep themselves hygienic and this creates a positive impact. Such an environment ensures they grow up with a strong sense of cleanliness and maintain hygiene throughout life which is very essential for the development of your child.  

   Quiet Neighbourhood

A good community should be peace-loving as children grow up in a quiet atmosphere where neighbours do not shout at each other or pick up quarrels. When kids see their parents fighting with neighbours, they are deprived of a proper upbringing and they begin to argue and talk loudly like others do.  When friends in the colony discuss contentious issues, the development of your child leads to an argumentative disposition to resolve petty issues.

   Language And Politeness

Children are taught good manners and encouraged to speak politely and respectfully. Their language should be decent. But if a neighbourhood is full of families where do not teach such manners, where any kind of abusive language is allowed, your children also pick up such words and expressions and these remain part of their active vocabulary. They also end up using slang words, even though they attend good schools. Therefore, the influence of the neighbourhood cannot be brushed aside when it comes to the development of your child.  


Attacking friends or neighbours with an intention to cause physical harm is a dangerous practice in certain neighbourhoods. Some do it to bully others and assert supremacy. Some like to enjoy the sight of pain and discomfort in others. Hitting with a bat or pelting a stone is a fun exercise, but it can cause severe physical damage. The fact is that the children should not be allowed to resort to violence under any circumstances. If they join such gangs or end up being victims, it damages their psyche. They grow up bruised with a streak of violence and resort to violent behaviour in their relationships as well. Be careful while choosing a locality to stay with your family.

   Bad Habits  

People expect kids in a decent neighbourhood to develop good habits. They don’t steal items or money from home. They do not drink or smoke at a young age. In case the locality is full of children who have such despicable habits, there is a strong possibility of your child emulating them.

   Child Exploitation

Children grow up with traumatic experiences that scar their lives. Live in a neighbourhood where your child stays safe from any kind of sexual abuse. Sometimes it is strangers who take advantage and sometimes known people from the neighbourhood are also involved in gross misconduct.  

   Balanced Development Of Your Child

Live in a neighbourhood where there are plenty of opportunities to achieve balanced growth. Children from other families are not only good students, but they also participate in extra-curricular activities. This inspires your child to be like them and pick up something of interest. This active, balanced approach stays for life and he becomes a good professional who also values other pursuits for creative nourishment.   

   Mixed Background

A good neighbourhood has qualified, well-educated people from several communities and religions and it promotes a healthy culture of amity and respect for other groups. Your child learns to mix up well with people from different communities, this promotes him to learn rich diversity in India. This opens up his mind and he becomes a liberal in thought and action. He is able to respect other communities and socialize with them.   

   Grow Sensitive

Children observe a lot around them. If the neighbourhood celebrates good causes and holds events to nurture good citizens, they end up imbibing these values. If there is a plantation drive or a blood donation camp, they become sensitive and reach out to help people in distress or save the planet in their own small ways. This indicates the influence a good neighbourhood has in the development of your child and creating a responsible citizen of tomorrow.   


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