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Newly married? Should I look for a bigger apartment?

All these years, you stayed in a studio apartment or a single room flat. As a young working professional who stayed the whole day away from home, you never felt the need to have a bigger apartment. But the situation changes after marriage. You do not think about your needs alone. There is a life partner who demands space and freedom to decide where to stay. In most of the cases, the decision goes in favour of a more spacious apartment for a variety of reasons.

Parties and Functions

You have to invite friends for parties or functions. If you have a working woman as your life partner, she also needs to invite her friends and colleagues during the weekends, organise small get-togethers for birthdays and anniversary. A crunch of space or a cluttered inside view creates a poor impression of affordability on friends and colleagues. Some do not hesitate to mention the need to move into a bigger apartment. To avoid receiving repetitive advice, it is considered wise to rent a bigger unit.

Extended Family

If you have to live with parents or in an extended family after marriage, having a bigger apartment will solve your problem. Otherwise, complications are likely to arise and this will have a negative impact on your marriage.

Relatives and In-laws

After marriage, you have an additional set of relatives. Parents and in-laws come and stay for a couple of days and they need a separate room. Making sacrifices like sleeping on the couch creates a poor impression and they hesitate to visit you again. They offer advice that you should have a bigger flat now. It affects you in a negative way and you start getting defensive about the place where you stay. Some emotional attachment to the place comes to the fore. Instead of thinking along practical lines, you adopt a sentimental approach.


If you are planning to raise a family, you should have an arrangement that ensures complete privacy for the pregnant wife. Once the child is born, a separate unit is needed. Some couples think a separate room is not needed for infants and small kids, but a protected and safe room kept free from pollution and healthy in all possible ways is a must. If you are a smoker, the child should not inhale the noxious fumes. As visitors and guests come in quite often, the child should be kept in a healthy environment. They have the habit of cuddling the infant with unwashed hands and it is not a healthy habit. You cannot object as the person feels offended. So it is better to keep the child safe and protected in a separate room.


A small apartment does not give you much privacy. A bigger apartment offers that. After marriage, some matters you cannot discuss in the presence of other members of the family. You cannot go to the terrace all the time to discuss private issues. Moreover, if there is a domestic help around, you need to ensure more privacy. The possibility of the maid overhearing certain personal matters is not good for the safety of the family. There are crimes involving insiders who pass on vital information about the family. Where you keep your valuables like jewellery should not be seen by maids. A bigger apartment gives you additional security.


Couples need to enjoy intimacy and sometimes their passion does not stay restricted behind doors. In a small flat, it is not possible to be indulgent as your love-soaked conversations are overheard. There is a constant fear of getting caught in a compromising position.

Wise Investment

If you buy a bigger apartment, you can build an asset for yourself. It takes away a big chunk of income every month but it is taking care of your housing needs. You fix a budget and keep expenses in check because you become aware of responsibilities soon after marriage. If you have a working partner, you can bear the burden happily. But some couples are unsure about the fate of marriage, whether it will work or not, so they hesitate to invest in an immovable asset. If you are happily married, you should consider the advantages of moving into a bigger home.

In case your present income does not make it possible to think of buying a bigger apartment, you have the option of renting a bigger apartment as there are so many township projects that offer spacious homes at affordable rates in every city.

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