Police verification for renting a property. Why is it important?

In order to ensure the safety of your premises and prevent dubious characters from renting your space, landlords and flat owners should get police verification of tenants done. In some states and cities, police verification is mandatory. Many housing societies also insist on police verification before allowing tenants. While it appears to be another hassle, the merits of police verification become visible once something goes wrong and the owner regrets his decision of sheltering a fraudulent person with a criminal track record.  

Renting a property is one of the important sources of income for landlords. Tenant verification ensures that tenants have a good background. It plays a key role in finding the best tenants for your rental property.  

Police verification

You need to duly fill the police verification form with particulars of the tenant whom you intend to let out your premises. Police use information provided by you to verify the background of your tenant. You will have to submit a copy of the lease agreement, furnish other details of the tenant like identification proof, address proof, and service proof. The police will retain a copy of these dossiers for its reference and check whether the tenant has a history of criminal activities. This helps you to ensure that the potential tenant does not have a criminal past. You can collect Police verification form manually from the nearest police station or download it from the website.

A simple background check is not enough to establish the tenant’s credentials. Only police verification by local authorities will reveal the true identity of the tenant. This eliminates the chances of renting to someone with even a minor criminal record. The police issue a sort of character verification certificate which the landlord, if and when required, can present to the office of the housing society. The police come to the rescue if the tenant is engaged in illicit or suspicious activities on the premises.

How police verification helps

Illicit, unlawful practices on premises

Many tenants are college students and bachelors. Even young working professionals live alone. They throw parties, indulge in drug abuse, drinking and gambling sessions. Some even have live-in partners. There are reports of cases of prostitutes operating from rented spaces. When police verification is done, tenants do not resort to such activities on the premises as the fear of getting arrested or thrown out looms large.  

Tracking crime

If a heinous crime occurs in the rented premises, it is much easier to track the absconding culprit and those who connive. Also, when submission of identity proof is done, the fear of a police trail ensures there is a lesser chance of committing a crime.

Terror activities

Many terror sponsors and terrorists rent places to stay in the cities from where they hatch sinister plots and carry out plans of attacks in the city. Police verification digs out these monsters with fake identities. Premises are not allowed to be used as a safe haven or hideout by criminals and anti-national elements who pose a grave threat to our national security and the safety of citizens.

Foreigner identification

Many foreign citizens overstay after the expiry of the allowed term and disappear into the smaller cities of the country. With police verification, these illegal citizens can be traced in case they rent out a place to stay.  

Detect criminal record

Police verification allows the detection of tenants with a criminal past. Sometimes, after committing a crime, they flee to another city and rent out space. In such cases, they can be nabbed. Your premises should not become the asylum of mischief mongers.  

Shifting base for job or study

Many people come from other cities and states to study or work and it is not possible for the landlord to detect the background of the tenant. Only the police can conduct a thorough check of his family history and find details of his previous record of stay.

Landlord lives out of town

Many properties have caretakers and the landlord stays out of the town – possibly in a different city or another country. When police verification is done, he is relieved that his property is let out to people with a good background.  

Rent paying capacity estimated

Police verification ensures compliance with vital information and identity proof submission and place of work investigations to form an idea of his rent-paying capacity.

Clean track record

The fear of sullied record and reporting to their family by police will keep them on the right track. Students and young professionals do not want to get embroiled in police cases so they behave well and follow the housing society rules and the restrictions laid down in the lease agreement.

Fear of law

Fear of police action and being hauled up and put behind the bars will reach the workplace and he will lose the job or he will not get another place o stay. Police verification generates this fear and keeps tenants under control. The tenant avoids disputes and tiffs with his landlord and vacates the space on time. If he picks up a fight and loses the battle legally, then he will not get another place to stay in future because of his troublesome nature.

Better maintenance and safety of premises

Tenants take better care of the property and pay rent on time when there is a police check done. He does not tamper with the structure and does not cause any damage to it. He is aware that his documentation lies with the police and his record gets tarnished if the landlord files any complaints with the police.

While there is no guarantee that the police verification will end all problems, it is an effective step to mitigate crimes and prevent fraudulent persons from entering the premises. This brings immense relief to landlords who have no option to check records. They stay safe and their property also remains safe. Otherwise, they are also dragged into controversies and questioned for their alleged involvement, for willfully allowing such tenants while the truth is that they did not bother to conduct any check and got entangled in the mess. In some cases, the matter snowballs into something bigger and worse and there is a lot of muck-raking which they do not deserve as respected citizens of the country.  

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