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Pros and Cons of staying close to your office area

Living close to the workplace offers certain advantages as well as disadvantages. As an employee, you have to weigh the pros and cons before arriving at a decision. Your priorities are important and the way you look at career growth and future prospects. A judicious assessment of the positives and the negatives should enable you to decide where to live: in close proximity to the office or in a quiet, distant neighborhood.  

The Pros of staying close to your office would be-


When you live close to the workplace, you have the flexibility to strike a balance between your personal and professional life in an effective way. You can take advantage of overtime opportunities and yet manage to spend valuable time with your family. You can quickly reach the office and fix a problem – without getting caught in a traffic jam. Besides, you can explore more entertainment options, and explore new eateries and shopping malls as most of the offices are located in the commercial district.   


It makes you a highly reliable employee. In case of bad weather, those who live far are not able to reach office on time. But your commute is less problematic. Your seniors and co-workers rely more on you and expect better performance in difficult situations. It benefits your career if you are recognized as a reliable professional.

   Save Transport

 Staying near the office means you do not need to drive to the office. This provides an opportunity to save fuel costs and regular maintenance expenses of the vehicle.  With rising fuel prices, it becomes an additional burden every year. If you estimate the annual expenses, you realize there is a good potential to save your hard-earned money. Also, you create less pollution as you do not need to take your car or motorbike to reach office. It is a great eco-friendly gesture that deserves appreciation.  

   Stay Lively

Enjoy the benefits of retaining physical energy when you stay near the office. There is no exertion involved in commuting to and from the office. This ensures you can easily reach the office without feeling dehydrated and tired. Also, you are able to rush home during the lunch break and eat fresh home-cooked food. There is no burden of carrying a lunch box to the office. Moreover, your colleagues do not get to know your food habits – whether you eat the rich stuff or modestly. 

   Save Time

When you stay near the office, you do not need to waste precious, productive hours in public transport or behind the wheels of your car every day. You feel you are at home while in office. You know you can reach home fast and carry out the pending tasks. Traffic jams are common and getting caught in a snarl-up makes you feel tired and bored. Moreover, in this way, you are more focused on the work, since there is no hurry to reach home.

Despite the merits listed here, some negative aspects related to staying near the office require due consideration. To break it down,  the Cons of staying close to your office
would be –

   Costly Living Space

Living near the office is a costlier affair as you have to pay more for rent or higher EMI outflow. As residential units cost more near commercial areas with high density of people, it is a costlier option if your salary is not high to bear this burden.    

   No Excuses

Professional demands are pitched high when you stay near the office. You will always be expected to be at work, regardless of the weather conditions, irrespective of personal issues. If you decline, it creates a bad impression about your professional approach. You chose to stay near the office for your good but you will find that others are deriving more benefit of your location.  

   Job Switch

In case your job is contractual or temporary, there is a strong possibility of shifting to a new organization. In such a scenario, it does not make sense to buy a home in a costly area. If you switch the present job and go to work in a different part of the city, then the transport costs will also rise. The overall financial load will be difficult to bear.

   Schools And Hospitals

Medical facilities and schools are a major factor that enables you to decide where to stay. If there are good educational and medical options near the office, then it makes sense to live there. Otherwise, it is an unnecessary financial burden. You need to find out whether the office area provides good access to other facilities.

   Small World

When you stay near the office, you do not enjoy the commute. You do not interact or meet people in public transport or strike a conversation. If you come from a world closer to nature and more refreshing, it boosts creativity. When you live near the office, it is a boring, solitary walk to the office zone. Your world shrinks and your experiences are not varied and rich.

Once you are able to finalize your priorities, it is easier to decide whether it benefits you to stay near the office area or not. The dilemma ends when you take stock of your situation first.

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