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Pros and Cons of staying with a landlord

A tenant must assess whether staying with a landlord suits him/her or not when a landlord letting out a portion or a floor while living in the same property derives certain benefits of him/her. The tenant does not know the nature and behavior of the landlord. If he turns out to be a demanding and irritating person, it becomes difficult to live. Although landlords are known to be tough when it comes to dealing with tenants, in some cases you find them gentle and easy-going.

Let us first explore the merits of staying with a landlord.

   Better Security

Since the landlord himself is staying on the premises, he takes proper care of the property in your absence. You can leave your family and kids without worrying about their safety. If it requires leaving the premises for a family holiday, you need not worry about theft.   

   Local Issues & Neighbours

If there are issues in the neighbourhood area or local threats of any kind, you can bring it to the landlord’s attention and seek his intervention. Neighbours do not muster the courage to lord over you or issue any instructions. As you are staying with a landlord, he handles interactions with neighbours, your duties are reduced.  


Tenants face people who come seeking contributions for social causes. In cases where you are staying with a landlord, such expenses are borne by him.  

   Maintenance Issues

Expenses related to maintenance are promptly cleared as the landlord can verify the genuineness of the claim. If there are external jobs like painting or tank repair, the landlord bears the burden.

   Better Communication

When staying with a landlord, he observes the tenant, his activities, and behaviour on a regular basis. This builds more trust in him and leads to a better relationship based on mutual respect and clear communication of needs. In case of disputes, the resolution is quicker.  

   Emergency Support

If any medical emergency situation arises, staying with a landlord is a blessing as he can offer timely support and cooperation.

   Family Companion

Many people, who relocate, find a parent-like figure in the landlord. As their own children stay far-off, the landlord finds a son or daughter in the tenant. Instead of looking for friends in the neighbourhood, the landlord and his family become almost like members of your own family.

The tenant also needs to assess the demerits of staying with a landlord.

   Frequent Reminders & Sudden Visits

You have to face reminders from the landlord who needs an excuse to remind you of the duties or adherence to the tenancy guidelines. He might even come knocking at your door at odd hours. You cannot refuse him even if you do not wish to entertain him.

   Late Night Restrictions

Landlords have the habit of not allowing late-night activities at the residence since their sleep gets disturbed. If you have to return home late from something, you know you will find the gate closed after 11 p.m. and have to seek the keys from the landlord.    

   Water & Electricity Usage

When staying with a landlord, if there is no steady flow of water in the tap, the landlord tends to blame the tenant. The reservoir usage is an area of conflict. The tenant has to make sure the water tank remains full every evening. Also the landlord keeps tabs on consumption and lighting up of the common areas. If he is paying for lighting up the common areas, he wants to switch off the lights early or switch on late.  

   Borrowing Items

Landlords have the habit of borrowing your vehicle or other domestic items of use whenever they need. If you refuse, they feel offended. If they do any damage to the item, you cannot seek a replacement.   

   Prosperity Pricks

If you buy white goods or a car, when staying with a landlord, he gets to see everything entering through the gate. This creates a feeling of jealousy and he starts making unfair demands like a hike in rent from next year. He feels since the tenant is financially prosperous, he should pay more.  

   Unjust Demands  

Landlords have the tendency to raise unjust demands not specified in the agreement. If you point this out, they say it is not possible to list down everything. Some things are expected to be done if you are staying with a landlord.  

    Lack of Privacy

Everything in the life of the tenant should be known to the landlord. This constant surveillance creates a sense of discomfort for the women members of the family. He often tends to raise queries beyond his jurisdiction. Right from what is cooking in your home to when you come or leave the premises. The landlord concentrates on you all the time to have hourly updates.

Staying with a landlord is a wise choice where the landlord behaves like a member of the family. Before you take a decision, weigh both the sides.  After all, you cannot live in a place where there is no peace of mind.

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