Pune emerges as the No. 1 city to live in India as per the government survey conducted nationally.

While you are aware of the various benefits of residing in this city, it has now officially emerged that Pune is the easiest city to live in India.   

According to the recent report released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the Ease of Living Index 2018 ranks Pune as the No 1 city in a country- wide survey.

   Ease of Living Index

It is an official survey started by the Central government for the first time this year. There is no other survey conducted along similar lines. Hence, this makes it unique, comprehensive and reliable. A total of 111 cities of the country were surveyed for this study. Apart from Pune, two other cities of Maharashtra – Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai – are classified as the most habitable cities in India. Metro cities like Delhi and Chennai rank 65 and 14 respectively.

   Top 10 cities in the Ease of Living Index:  

  1. Pune
  2. Navi Mumbai
  3. Greater Mumbai
  4. Tirupati
  5. Chandigarh
  6. Thane
  7. Raipur
  8. Indore
  9. Vijaywada
  10. Bhopal

   Ranking system

The cities assessed suitable for ease of living are measured on a 100-point scale across 78 indicators on the following factors.   

  • Institutions and governance – 25 points
  • Social infrastructure (education/health) – 25 points
  • Economic factors – 5 points
  • Physical infrastructure with – 45 points

These pillars are further broken down into 15 sub-categories in order to make it extensively detailed.


The aim of the survey is to encourage cities to move towards an outcome-based approach in urban planning and management. This is the first-of-its-kind in terms of scale and coverage and the rankings marked a shift to a data-driven approach to urban planning and management while promoting healthy competition among cities.

    Pune Pride

It is a matter of pride for the residents of Pune. It is also a great motivator for those planning to relocate or simply spend their retirement years in a peaceful dwelling. Whatever be the purpose in mind, the study puts Pune in the leading position.

    Physical Infrastructure

Pune has a proper infrastructural set up that provides its citizens with various modes of easy and affordable transport options.

   Institutions and Governance

There is proper governance and the institutions function efficiently and effectively.  People have their issues resolved quickly in a time-bound manner.  Punctuality is maintained and work gets done smoothly without bureaucratic hassles to cause inconvenience and harassment to the citizens.

   Education and Health

There are plenty of educational options available. Students from all over the country come to pursue a professional education at the undergraduate and the post-graduate level. There are quality hospitals providing the best medical care to all sections of society. School-going children have several top-rated institutions for them. Those parents getting transferred from other cities have nothing to worry about the education of their children.

   Economic Factors

With the progress in the IT sector, there are good job opportunities created for the youth who relocate here or settle down with a lucrative job after completing their professional studies. The salary packages are competitive to attract the best talent. There are job avenues in retail, education, media and other creative fields.  With the influx of people from other parts of the country, there is a boom in the real estate market as the young working professionals invest in apartments for end-use.

Considering the combined positive effect of the various plus factors, it is not surprising that Pune has emerged as the best city in terms of ease of living. Have you made plans to live in Pune yet?

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