Pune – The preferred city

Pune – The preferred city to live in

Since pre-independence days, many communities have settled in Pune. Parsis, Goans, Sindhis, and Iranis have made it their preferred home. This trend has gathered pace in the recent years as immigrants come and fall in love with Pune for a clutch of reasons.


Honoured with the title ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune offers the best options in the field of education. Most people move here to get a better education. The vast number of educational institutes and the variety of courses attract the bright young minds to pursue higher studies in Pune.  


Located in the foothills of the Sahyadri mountains, Pune enjoys pleasant climate almost throughout the year. It is not freezing cold like the North – not unbearably hot as the Southern states. This kind of moderate weather suits senior citizens.

   Close to Hill Stations

There are cool hill stations to visit near Pune. The healing goodness of hill stations rejuvenates and restores your health, making you fit to brace up for life and its challenges. Physical well-being, mental agility, and inner peace are some key benefits of residing near hill stations. You do not have to plan much in advance. Just pack your bags during the weekend and take your family and friends to enjoy a trip to Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala or Mulshi and connect with nature. As professional lives get busier, people prefer a short trip to a nearby destination for a couple of days.

   Safe City

Most of the Indian cities including the metros are unsafe. Crimes against women are a growing concern. But Pune is an exception in this regard. Be it daytime or night, women feel safe to venture out alone. It is one of the safest cities in India today.

   Less Expensive

Pune ranks seventh in the list of expensive Indian cities. Compared to other cities and metros, it is relatively less expensive for the middle-class people. Housing remains affordable for the common man. Food is inexpensive. Distances are shorter and fuel costs are lower. The overall living is easier on the pocket. The lure of enjoying a better standard of living by spending less and the possibility of higher savings make people relocate to Pune.


The city boasts of a well-developed infrastructure over the years. You can reach anywhere in the city – in just thirty minutes. Saving commute time, unlike in the metros where traffic jam is common every day, makes Pune a livable city that gives you a smooth transit experience.

   Shopping Zones For All Budgets and Needs

It is a shopper’s paradise not only for the high-class people looking for premium brands. Pune offers shopping destinations for all budget categories and needs. The burgeoning middle class has much to celebrate in terms of shopping bonanzas with fabulous collections and alluring discount offers throughout the year. Shopping is a big thrill for the youth and Pune offers a plethora of options. Go on a shopping spree and come home with a smiling face.

   Job Opportunities

There is an incredible IT industry booming in Pune – second to Bangalore in India. It is one of the top choices for securing a good job. The collective analytical power of all those computers brings employment for people. Many companies in areas like Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, and Kharadi hire a huge number of freshers every year.


From Vada Pav, Misal Pav, the best of Mastanis to the delectable international cuisine. Everything is available in Pune for the gourmet’s delight and it does not pinch your pocket. The city bustles with nightlife. Clubs, lounges, and bars are found in every part of the city. Those who love good food from all over the world find it a heaven.  


Pune has a rich list of cultural events to attend. From the International Film Festival to the NH7 Weekender. The party scene thrives during the weekends. Being a youth-driven city, rock concerts and musical fests are organised throughout the year. There is much to look forward to here.    

   Sporting Spirit

Be it kabbadi, football, and tennis, Pune has a strong representation in the field of sports. It is the best place to hold superhero matches. It has churned out many sports legends and continues to make a rich contribution to Indian sports.  Pune plays the game with the right spirit and offers the best opportunities to those keen to build their talent.

Most of the reasons cited above are likely to figure in the list of concerns you draw up while deciding which city to live in. As you tick the boxes, you find Pune leading with the highest number of positive factors, making it the first choice of those seeking the perfect blend of solace and speed.

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