Real Estate Solutions Provided By A Property Agent. How Can A Real Estate Agent Help?

Real estate solutions provided by a property agent. How can a real estate agent help?

Do you think that a property agent is just an intermediary between the buyer and the seller? Do you believe that a real estate agent has a marginal role to play in a property transaction?

If you do, then you are perhaps not aware of the emerging realities in the realty sector.

The Indian real estate brokerage market is large and unorganized – with more than two lakh brokers operating in the top 10 cities. With phenomenal growth in the real estate industry in the last few years, the role of a property agent has gained traction. The scope is wide and entails key responsibilities. Besides locating suitable properties, the real estate agent has started undertaking specialized roles to help their clients.

   Comparative price analysis of the property

The property agent has comprehensive knowledge of the current market scenario and the buying and selling of similar properties. He has the resources to obtain accurate and latest data for the current market trends. He is supposed to provide the best selling or buying price to the client. He uses a variety of tools to help you formulate a strategy – including the current market supply and demand, the market history in your area and regional conditions. He provides the facts, figures and hidden pieces of data you need in order to set a realistic target price.

   Marketing of a Property

A real estate agent markets your property using the online platform. He uploads the listing with the desired pricing on various online portals to generate leads. He interacts with the prospective buyer on your behalf and you get to meet only the genuinely interested buyers. This saves your time and energy. He has a database of properties available or he leverages his broker network in order to find properties. He provides current advice on how to sell your property for the highest price quickly. He uses many marketing avenues to crack a deal.
A real estate transaction requires logistics support for activities such as scheduling site visits and appointments, legal paperwork, upkeep and maintenance of the property and fund arrangement. Agents develop a network with third-party services that facilitate home financing, home interiors, and legal paperwork. A right agent knows that transactions could take longer in the absence of logistics support.

   Guidance in Selling a Property

The property agent utilizes his expertise during the entire process of selling a property. It helps in pricing the property right in order to sell it faster. He understands the needs of the seller and conducts the negotiation on his behalf in a pragmatic manner – without letting emotions come in the way.

There are intricacies involved in the transaction in the form of payment terms, legal aspects, or asset quality. A real estate agent plays a pivotal role in bringing negotiations to a closure – which satisfies the buyer as well as the seller. He offers credible reference points on availability, pricing, market trends in a particular locality. He is skilled in the art of persuasion to conclude deals successfully.

   Guidance in buying a Property

His wide experience and deep knowledge of the market helps the buyer to locate the property matching to their needs. Besides, he helps buyers in negotiating and getting them the property at the best possible price. On the behalf of the buyer, the agent does the final inspection of the property and deals with the seller for the repair works, which are to be done before the handing over of the property.

There are worries pertaining to future appreciation potential and expected rental yields. These are suitably addressed by an expert who offers credible advice and brings in assurance and comfort while making the transaction. Customers do extensive secondary research, but they rely heavily on agents to advise them before transacting. A good agent, equipped with deep local knowledge, offers sound advice.

   Providing essential services

The property agents charge you some commission, what do you think is it for? Only to guide you for the right property? Isn’t it something that you can do it by yourself? You should always remember that it is the property agents job to make your search for the right property easier and hassle free. You should always ask for services in particular, like

  • Free Consultation
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation
  • Loan approval
  • Finding vendors
  • Police verification
  • Pickup and Drop facility
  • Closure of agreement

If you are getting these kind of services from your property agent you can definitely go ahead, if not, the you can search for the right property adviser on MONEST

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