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Reviews and Ratings build credibility and reputation in the market.

Agents improve their business with high ratings and reviews

More than 80% of property transactions happen online these days. With a plenty of options to choose from in various categories, buyers are spoilt for choice. While the phenomenal rise in digital traffic augurs well for the real estate players, there is a relevant issue of credibility involved so far as property agents are concerned. There are many real estate agents who are not reliable and property buyers always find it difficult to differentiate between the genuine and the unscrupulous real estate agents.

   Online reviews

Customers prefer to check out the comments posted online. The ratings allotted by other customers are given importance. Before making any decision to purchase, customers follow the online feedback. If other customers write positive reviews or give high ratings, they are likely to get influenced. Since real estate transactions happen once in a lifetime, customers are inclined to adopt a wise approach before choosing a property agent who enjoys high credibility in the market and his reputation is also impeccable.

   Online image

If the real estate agent sounds keen to improve his ratings and reviews, he is building his reputation in the real estate market. It is not restricted to what a few people have to say about him. It is the equivalent of building an image as a complete professional – the way people perceive the property agent without knowing him personally. This kind of image-building exercise is possible when property agents start taking reviews and ratings quite seriously. Reputation in the online space is a key influencer that ushers in better business opportunities for agents.

   More trust

Most of the time, agent to agent business transactions also require trust. On many occasions, they are reluctant to open up to new entrants because of lack of trust. Ratings and reviews help bridge this gap in credibility. It enhances a sense of healthy competition that encourages every property agent to ameliorate his image in the property market. Every real estate professional puts in extra efforts to build his own ratings and he is accountable for his own credibility level.

   RERA approval

With RERA now a reality, it is important for property agents to get affiliated with it. This registration is a token of professional conduct and it reflects the seriousness the real estate industry demands from a committed property agent. With customers and clients validating ratings and reviews, the credibility gets further amplified. Being a gradual process, reviews and ratings take time and consistent effort to build.  

   Developers’ Choice

Developers form a core part of the real estate ecosystem and they are heavily dependent on the property agents known as channel partners. They do not know the high-rated agents and in the absence of such valuable information, they end up working with any professional who is ready, known or available. When agents start having their own ratings and reviews, developers also opt for the top-rated agents as their credibility helps in selling the inventory faster.


Considered from a wider perspective, the overall credibility of the property market and the real estate industry also goes up. It is a win-win situation for all including property buyers and real estate agents.

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