Team-up, Strategize, Execute and Get Featured as the Realty Falcon

As per the World Trade Organization, channel sales leads to ¾ of the world trade. The supply chain of distributors, agents, brokers and channel partners is expanding and evolving continuously. With technological advancements, real estate developers are employing innovative marketing strategies to drive revenue in the competitive market. Teaming up with channel partners is a smart move to gain maximum ROI using fewer resources. For the ascending profit graph, the real estate promoters are positively responding to this new concept of channelized sales and marketing in the estate business. The realty giants consider this to be an effective and cost efficient form of marketing that leads to increased sales, broader market reach and better business opportunities. So it is not just marketing but smart and effective marketing strategies that can help you soar high and boundless like the falcon in the realty sky.

Who are channel partners?

Channel partners are people upon whom is the onus of responsibly selling a developer’s project and in return they receive an agreed commission. Acting as mediators, channel partners are a resource for both real estate companies and property seekers. They cater to multi-developers and multi-consumers in multi-locations and help the buyers to have a better and transparent deal. A real estate agent or a channel partner walks the customer through various offerings by different developers and connects with the consumers on a personal level. Better knowledge of user’s preferences and choice, helps to cater the right product to its users. Therefore partnering with a channel partner proves to be the most resourceful and cost effective way that offers better customer experience, faster sales and cross city marketing.

Why Channel Partners?

In the post RERA and GST era when the realty market is experiencing a lull, marketing a product without engaging your target group is simply missing out on opportunities. Now buyers can easily trust verified and certified realtors who are more professional and responsible unlike fly-by-night operators. As a result these real estate agents crack sales faster by engaging and developing a rapport with the right target audience with their personalized approach. Channel partners ensure property buying is a personal and smooth experience which leads to greater customer experience. They act like the developer’s extended arms for sales. Therefore these agents facilitate a real estate transaction and their role is becoming indispensable for both developers and buyers. The channel partners also take care of the promotional and marketing activities. Apart from closing a deal, channel partners ensure repeat sales. Therefore, they are better sellers who ensure better return on investments.

How are developers reacting to channelized marketing?

Developers today are shifting their focus from product to relationship building. Real estate agents act in a supporting role whose role becomes vital in creating the best customer experience. Post RERA implementation, real estate agents have become more accountable and accepted among consumers. In modern times, channel partners are breaking geographical boundaries by embracing technology. Therefore the agents are at par with modern day consumers and developers. As a result it becomes much easier and time saving to conduct tech enabled business with realtors. Based on growing demands for real estate agents, prop-tech companies help developers connect with the best performing players of the industry at a click and more and more developers are ready to channelize their sales and marketing through agents.

How does Monest help in channelized marketing?

Make An Informed Decision & Collaborate With Most Trusted Agents

Access detailed information of channel partners online, compare and choose from the self-driven, experienced and highest rated agents to work with

Data Analytics & Monitor Performance

Get real time insights and use powerful data driven analytics,anticipate performance outcomes and develop proactive strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Efficient Management

Access information and see every interaction you’ve had with agents. Use this data to close deals faster.

Bigger brand visibility

It also helps you strengthen your network and give your brand  a better brand visibility among a pool of channel partners


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