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Ten points to ponder before renting a house in Pune

Renting a house is a big decision as it affects your life and lifestyle. If you are looking for a place to stay on a rental basis in Pune, there are several important considerations involved in finalising your choice. As a wise decision-maker, pay attention to the smaller aspects apart from being focused on the key concerns. Do your homework thoroughly in order to avoid hassles and regrets. Once a lease agreement is signed, it becomes difficult to cancel it and get a refund of security deposit.

   Lease Terms

Be sure about the lease terms in absolute detail. Never hesitate to raise queries. If you do not understand anything, consult your lawyer and seek clarity. Make sure that there is no communication gap between you and the landlord. Never hesitate to seek documents pertaining to the title of the property for verification purpose, electricity bills, and maintenance receipts. Find out how much security deposit the landlord charges. Be clear how this amount will be adjusted when you leave. Do not pay a major part of it in cash because you will require proof of payment in case any dispute arises. Rent increment frequency/Rent acceleration frequency should be clear and also the landlord’s policy of charging extra for late payment of rent. If you vacate the premises mid-way, the refund payment and any deductions in this regard should be clear to you. Seek details about the restrictions on timings, pet policy, and meals (non-veg not allowed) policy.  

   Inclusions In Rent

Some amenities in the flat are covered in the monthly rent. Seek to know the ones not included in it. Before signing the lease agreement, ask the landlord if the charges for cable, gas and electric connections are covered. Some landlords charge a fixed amount for electricity. Some get a separate sub-meter installed. Usually, the property owner pays for water and sewer charges to the Municipal Authority.


Landlords do not allow tenants to put a nail in the walls. Ask the landlord if you can hang frames on the walls. You need to know if you are allowed to paint the walls as you want or change the floor tiles. If he refuses to grant permission to hang things on the wall, you can assure him by promising to patch up the wall holes and paint them back to the original colour before you leave. If he does not agree, then you have to follow his guidelines or consider some other property option.

   Maintenance Policy

The tenants need to pay the maintenance amount to the resident welfare associations or management bodies of gated communities. In order to avoid conflict later, ask the landlord who will bear the extra maintenance cost in addition to the monthly rent. Also, find out whether the tenant has to bear the burden in case of major repairs like seepage and civil works.  

   Emergency Repairs

A broken washbasin, failed electricity meter, a dysfunctional fan. Find out who bears the cost involved. In most of the rental agreements, tenants are the other party as the property belongs to the landlord.  

   Visitor Policy

Guest policy varies from landlords to accommodation type and even to the gender of the tenant. Some landlords are casual about guests and do not bother much if they get the monthly rental on time.

In case of independent houses or flats, guests and visitors are not an issue. But in spaces where the landlord himself lives, some restrictions are imposed. Male tenants get more liberties vis-à-vis women tenants. Take note of the society or building norms about guests and pets as the landlord’s permission does not matter here.

   Safety and Security

Ask the landlord about the safety measures. The property should have a watchman, double door lock or a CCTV camera installed. Carry out research about the safety level in the neighbourhood. You need to know whether it is a safe zone or the occurrence of criminal activities are high.  

   Background of Landlord

Find out the reputation of the landlord in the area. Some try to exercise control and appear strict. Some are not gender-sensitive. Some tend to disturb a lot through phone calls and even turn up for a cup of tea just to look for changes made in the property. Ask the neighbours, the watchman of the building, and the local grocery shop for more information regarding the property owner.   

   Parking Facility

Ask the landlord if the parking facility is covered in your monthly rent. In a gated community, tenants utilise the parking space allotted to the landlord without paying extra. In independent houses, the parking spaces are taken on first come first get basis.

   Social Infrastructure

Find out if the area is developed, with all modern facilities available. You should be able to walk to the grocer’s store instead of taking the car out for small errands. Sometimes tenants prefer to live in a developing area with nascent social development just to curb rental outflow.

Even if you opt for a developing area to lower your rent, be sure that essential commodities of daily use are easily accessible. Healthcare facilities, banks and schools should also be there in the neighbourhood.

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