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Monest is a marketing, sales and service software that provides you a platform, to channelize all your energies towards finding perfect foot soldiers (top notch real estate agents) for your project so that your project does not suffer from unnecessary , avoidable delays , thereby ensuring greater brand visibility and growth. Delve into a deeper understanding of the benefits that a developer gets, by coming on board Monest.


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real estate Developers Feature


Gain traction ,greater brand visibility and higher brand recall by enlisting your projects on Monest. Get project updates on a timely basis. Directly target a diverse range of channel partners through the platform and complete your deals in an efficient manner with quick turnaround time.


Get the opportunity to communicate with channel partners. Build on your organization skills and know every detail of the matter by logging on to chat history. Discuss your queries, concerns and issues in an instant through live chat. What makes the communication unique is the intent to get the job done. MONEST connects you to those agents who are willing and interested in working with you on your projects. This cuts down on the search time that a developer usually engages in to find an agent.


Track performance of channel partners who have done site/office visits . Calendar your events so that you don’t miss out on any important opportunity .


Manage and communicate various aspects of your project – whether it is a milestone achieved or the on boarding of a new project – let all your channel partners be made aware of the feats achieved .


Convert vast streams of web data into real time insights . Using powerful tools , get access to historical sales data and performance tracking metrics thereby enabling better decision making and management so that you stay at the top of your game .

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4 thoughts on “Uniting Real Estate Developers & Agents

  1. Hi! Everyone, I’m a Regd. Real Estate Agent since 1998. I help the person who need help a hassle free and easy way to dispose / purchase a landed property – like vacant plot of land, flat, land with building (Residential / Commercial) etc. in and around Assam. For my service I take a nominal commission. If anybody want to dispose or purchase property in Guwahati or anywhere in Assam please contact me, I will definitely give you my best service. Thank you.

  2. I am a freelance property dealer mainly working for commercial properties in all over west Bengal. Interested to work at residential projects too.

    1. Dear Jayanta Majumdar,

      Thank you for your essential time. You can also sign Up with monest.com and explore all the developers projects and join agents networks with your own digital profile. To make your own digital profile on monest click on the link following link: https://monest.com/register/agent

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