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Ways to assess the Credibility of an Agent

In the search for the right property agent, you are likely to find many who appear to lack the credibility of an agent and raise your suspicions right from the initial stage of the interaction. It is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Else, you run the risk of roping in a property agent who promises more than what he can actually deliver.

There are certain parameters that make this task of detection easier. The unreliable agents have specific traits and you should be alert to spot these.


   Past Performance

In order to boost the chances of bagging a client, a property agent presents a long list of successful deals brokered in the past. He tends to impress clients, but you should not pay attention to the tall claims. Always seek contact details of his past or existing clients so that you can cross-check the facts. In case he hesitates to share such information on the ground of privacy, you should conclude that he does not have anything worth sharing with the potential client. If you find him exaggerating the years of experience into decades of experience, seek his business registration details to ascertain the veracity of his claim. Find out whether he is registered under RERA. You have to ensure the one you hire has the credibility of an agent & is an credible professional who has not entered into murky deals in the past. You need to satisfy yourself before proceeding further.  

   Vanishing Breed

Many property agents have the tendency to earn their commission and leave you in the lurch. They do not offer any help in dealing with difficult tenants or tackling non-payment of rent issues. If you try to call them up, they do not respond. They are simply not bothered. When you look for an agent, make it clear that his involvement should remain throughout the tenancy phase. He cannot chicken out after pocketing the commission. If he hesitates to spell it out in writing and prefers to verbally assure you of his committed service, you should realize his dubious intent. This is a strong ground to judge his credibility quotient.

   Domain Leadership

Not all property agents deal in every segment of the real estate market. Most property agents have specific domains to deal with. Some specialize in commercial, some focus on rental and residential, and some cater to HNI customers alone. There is another segregation based on the type of property – land, lease, rental, flats, bungalow, etc to ensure the credibility of an agent. 

   Reliable Source

You get to know about agents from various people. Sometimes, they happen to be your friend or a relative or an acquaintance. Never pick an agent out of convenience. Property agents are mushrooming everywhere. Any Tom, Dick or Harry thinks himself fit for the job if he has leads regarding the properties for sale in the local area. Many local shopkeepers list themselves in the yellow pages as agents but they do this for the lure of extra income though their source of livelihood is different.  

It is safer and better to always hire one from a reliable source with strong recommendations. Try to find out how well-informed the agent is. Test him by asking questions about the ongoing real estate market trends. If he is ignorant or gives you incorrect information with absolute confidence, this should make you aware that he does not have the credibility of an agent. He is not only lacking up-to-date information, but he does not hesitate to fabricate information. Such agents can be ruthless in giving you a raw deal for their vested interest.

   Client Interest

In case you are planning to hire a property agent, you should have one who puts your interest above his own. He does not create a credible image if he tries to sell specific projects that do not meet your needs. Besides, a real estate agent should never say anything that is not in their job description. If he advises you to compromise on an unreasonable offer or has no qualms in making a smart plan to hoodwink the other party just to close the deal, you should realize it is a risky proposition as he is up to some mischief. Such agents can never become credible in their dealings.  


A property agent should share all information about the property with you. In case he is transparent in sharing all relevant details, you know this quality of an agent helps to build trust. Right from property background to market price, the agent should be honest and transparent. If he sounds transparent & has the credibility of an agent, you sign him up quickly without suspicion. In case you find the property agent hesitant to reveal information and takes a cautious, calculated approach, you should stay away from him to avoid distress later.

   Wastage Of Time

A property agent has the habit of wasting the valuable time of the client. He ends up showing multiple options the client does not have any interest in. If the agent turns up late for an appointment, he is callous in time management. If he delays in sharing dossiers and remains unapologetic, if he blames the world for everything that goes wrong, the client should stay away from such unworthy professionals. It is an early sign that the agent is likely to prove a headache.

Judge your property agent on these grounds and find out how credible, he, appears to you. A reliable property agent gives you complete peace of mind while an unscrupulous one hired without proper scrutiny gives you sleepless nights. We at Monest had identified the problem in the industry. Hence, to resolve this issue we have developed our serving for the best of real estate. The agents you find listed on the Monest network have the credibility of an agent, are certified, authorized, and verified. You also get an active participation in building the agent’s credibility with the rating & reviews system on the portal. Hope your property search becomes fruitful with your credible agent.


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