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What are the accommodation options available for students in Pune?

Moving out of home is a rite of passage for students interested to pursue higher education in another state or city. Some can’t wait for it. But they also wish for a home away from home – not as sweet but certainly an ideal place to live and pursue studies in peace.

Pune is a popular destination for students seeking a future. As a result, the massive influx raises the demand for accommodation. But the city offers multiple accommodation options for students. All these options offer certain advantages as well as some drawbacks. Before you decide where to live, you should become aware of the ground realities so that you do not have to regret and look for another alternative within months.

Paying Guest (PG)


  • You get better-maintained properties because the owner stays there. This ensures you do not have to face problems like leaking taps and dysfunctional sockets.
  • You end up saving rent as this is a cheaper option.
  • You get to live with a family and this does not make you feel nostalgic. Your landlord is a young professional with family and kids who keep you engaged. Or probably an old couple to offer you wise advice just like parents do. You become a part of their family and feel it is a second home.


  • Privacy is a major issue. You cannot invite friends and you cannot play loud music or go out at hours that suit you. Freedom is curbed, restrictions are imposed.
  • There is no scope to ask for special meals of your choice and you have to accept what they offer. Some have strict vegetarian rules.

Shared Group Rental


  • You live with people of similar age group.
  • It gives you a degree of independence from parents and academic college.
  • Everyone shares financial, cleaning, general maintenance burden. So it is important to select co-tenants carefully as disputes and conflict with housemates become unbearable.


  • Need to make own arrangements for services like security.
  • Additional costs for food and socializing inflate the budget and it keeps increasing with the rise in food prices.
  • Prepare your own meals and do your share of household chores – cleaning the floor and washing dishes.



  • Offers the scope to make new friends and enjoy the social side of student life while fulfilling academic dreams.
  • Facilities on offer are well-maintained and safe


  • High demand and limited numbers. As a result, a large number of students are denied accommodation each year.
  • Accommodation is allotted on the basis of academic performance and financial need.
  • Open to own students of the institution and you can apply after you become a student.

Single Rental


  • Offer additional benefits like enhanced security features, on-site gym, wi-fi connectivity, transport access, laundry and cleaning services.
  • Ensures safe accommodation that resembles campus residence.


  • More features raise rental rates further.
  • Too much of luxury and comfort makes you lethargic.
  • Greater freedom misused at times.

Since multiple options are available in Pune, you have to assess the benefits you wish to derive and at the same time take a close look at the demerits of all the options. Make a comparative analysis. Whatever you decide has to suit your budget and it also has to be something that makes you feel safe and peaceful so that your studies are not adversely affected. Pune does not deprive the student community of a suitable accommodation option once you decide to pursue studies in this city or its suburbs.

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