Monest is a large community of accredited real estate agents across India. It is driven by the pursuit of finding ‘the right home for every client’. Agents are reviewed by clients on the basis of their integrity, market knowledge, and years of experience. As advisors, they aim to provide easy, enjoyable and complete real estate solutions to their clients.  
Agents love our services for several reasons: They receive qualified leads from clients willing to rent, buy, sell or lease. Prospecting for business requires time and money. Monest helps them save both. They get a positive public perception when we highlight them as ‘top agents’ in their area. When user promotes the property via rating and review, agents gain exposure to thousands of targeted potential buyers (many of whom are also hot selling leads).  
All other portals use your listings to attract users. Agents are pushed to the sidelines. You get leads but the quality of leads and the user expectations about your services are questionable. Buying, selling, and renting of properties is a tedious and time-consuming process. As a result, users prefer the agent route. Monest encourages users to take an informed decision – spend some time looking for the right agent who gets you the right home and in turn gets your job done. It projects agents in a professional frame and builds their identity and credibility.  
We are India’s first agent pro network. We believe that agents are more important than listings and we bring them into focus.  
 We believe you will generate more turn-over if your customers get what they come looking for. Viewing your detailed Digital Profile on Monest makes clients inclined to work with you. Besides, Monest ensures better savings on account of your marginal spends on personal business promotion activities.   
Yes. Monest uses very high privacy standards for data. All data is secure. It can only be accessed by the agent's username and password (credentials) using a 128 Bit USL (as secure as bank details).  Agents use their basic details to create the profile on Monest and it can only be accessed by them. 
Registration is free. Additional services provided by Monest such as Video, Multiple City Tagging and Multiple Sign-In to the same account are chargeable. It is for agents to decide whether to opt for such services.  
Digitally savvy clients seek you in the largest community of accredited agents. Enlist, connect, and Encash. Share offers and provide your clients the convenience of information, market updates, and paperwork over a fully-secure network.
 When it comes to buying, renting, and leasing properties, customers are always in search of reliable agents. Monest offers a smart rating and review system that ensures greater trust for customers while helping you become the star agent.
An area-wise list pops up when users look for agents. Profiles that are 100% complete and carry review-ratings are preferred. Details mentioned on the agent’s profile get viewed by the users. Better profiles gather more user attraction and generate successful interaction.  
An agent is assessed on the quality of service provided to the client. Smooth, fast and easy deals – without any hassles – is a clincher. Aside from transparency and networking strengths, the agent’s expertise, domain knowledge and the additional services offered are also important considerations. 
 On the basis of your rating and reviews, you can request all your clientele to do the same.
We are not in the business of guaranteeing leads. Our portal ensures that we bring you into focus, which intern will help you become transparent and credible (user ratings and reviews) to attract genuine users. Over a period of time (credit to your ratings/reviews) you will generate high-quality leads.  
Monest is a platform that meets all your needs and allows you to evolve into a thorough real estate professional.
 After registration and completion of the profile, we recommend you to start asking your current clientele to rate and review it. Moreover, our promotions get you more home seekers. They visit your profile to find out more. Closing the leads depends on the respective agents
Monest gives you the ideal platform to showcase your strengths. 
There will be a tab where you can specify a range. However, we understand that some properties require more effort and you may charge accordingly.
Monest makes no such categorisation of agents. Client ratings alone determine the class of agents. 
Yes, there is a provision and we are in the process of implementing it. We can link the agent’s Monest profile to his own website. We are providing your company’s logo and URL in your profile – and this would allow users to access your current website via the Monest agent profile.
All data is stored in the cloud. If your device crashes, you can still access all your data from the cloud. Your data stays safer and secured on Monest. Monest uses high privacy standards for data. Monest is secured as it can only be accessed by the agent's username and password (credentials) using a 128 Bit USL (as secure as bank details). Only the agent can access the data with their username and password as created by them.
You provide all the information for the listed property. Unless you provide its access, no one can see the information. It operates as your Inventory Management System and all listings, inventory, and information on the platform are controlled by the agent. Access to the details of the inventory is also controlled by the agent.
All features on Monest are tweaked keeping agents and its functionalities in mind. Monest takes care of all their requirements.
We are bringing a host of features such as Calendar, Organiser, Agent to Agent contract and agreement, user agreement, Team login and access and lots more.
We would be having the ground team disposed along with technical call centre team. You can call us at +91 9830728222 or write to us at
We use a host of parameters that go behind ranking you. Here are some important ones: Profiles Status (includes videos), Rating and Reviews, your response time to client queries, number of successful deals closed (agent to user and agent to agent) and many more.
Monest is designed to be easy to use and is available both on web and app. If you are solely handling the current business, you are geared to handle the product on your own. The app will have real-time notifications for you to keep a tab on the leads. Our sales person will take you through the profile creation stage. If your inflow of leads begins to increase in the near future, you might think of hiring a dedicated person.  
Yes, one agent can view the profile of other agents in the networking segment, also connect with them and conduct business but Information such as Inventories, Clients, Ongoing deals and other information is private and controlled by the agent - thus it is secured and controlled.
One may do the following things to make the profile more attractive: Adding a video. Getting yourself reviewed and rated by your clientele. Add listings and keep refreshing them.
Monest is a platform only for Real Estate Agents. Thus, No - Owners and Developers can sell or trade directly - They have to route this through agents only.  
Yes, this is the prerogative of the agents and the prices they choose for their listings.
Monest uses its algorithm to decide who could be a possible City Expert based on their ratings/ reviews, activeness on the platform and recommendations by lots of users.
Based on your past interactions with other agents, we recommend similar agents using affinity algorithm that will be pivotal in further growing your business.  
Users can post a review based on the transaction with the agent. One interaction is important. The user can write only one review for a single interaction but can post multiple reviews for multiple transactions. We have a provision only for the first time login users where they can review and rate the past agents with whom they have worked.
For ratings and negative reviews, the agent has a chance to speak to users and get the review altered or edited within 48 hours of the user posting a review before it gets published. After 48 hours, it goes live and then it can only be removed at the user’s discretion.
Once the system goes live, only for once agents will be advised to send emails to their old clients who can rate and review them (maximum 10) via a link that opens up the agent’s profile directly.
Connections are the ones who are directly added to your network, with whom you can chat and share inventories. Network’s strength is your connection’s connections that get added to your network.
Agents outside your network will post requirements in the global section while agents in your network will post requirements in the private section.
An agent who has posted his requirement can choose to edit the post (let us say he wants to drop the pricing of the same) and then repost to the same group. The system allows you to repost only when you have modified the features of the listing.  
Monest helps you to find the right agent who will solve all your problems pertaining to the real estate sector. Features like ratings & reviews, video of the agents where they are sharing their past experiences and talking about themselves will help the users to understand whether that particular agent is the ‘right agent’ for you or not.
The Profile card appears on the screen with all the given details entered at the time of sign up process by the agent. It certifies that the agent/advisor is officially registered with the website.
Each agent will have their commission structure mentioned on their expanded profile.
Visit the Rate and Review section - post Registering with Monest. You can rate and review the system on our structured mechanism.
In the search bar type your locality/Micro Location for your requirement. also there are many filters to further break down your search like rent,
The homepage of Monest displays an option to sign up. The user has to fill all correct details, set password, confirm the OTP sent on the registered mobile number and click on sign up.
The services provided by the Agents are centric to their interests which varies from agent to agent. All specifications in regard to the services provided by them will be displayed on their respective profiles.
If there are any type of technical glitches faced by the user while using the Monest website then the user can shoot a mail to situated below the page or can call at the helpline number 09830728222 and can get the query solved.

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