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Born into a real estate business family, Nidhi was exposed to the real estate industry at a young age. Under close guidance from her father she worked on building affordable housing units for the Nagpur real estate space. Her first stint in entrepreneurship was in 2014, when she launched her venture ” Lifestyle Interior Mall”-a one of a kind luxury home décor and furniture store spread across 15,000 sq feet in Nagpur. Nidhi is known to don many hats in the company and in life. She heads the company finance, accounting, legal & human resource division of Monest. A chartered accountant by education , Nidhi manages the company’s funds to ensure a smooth supply of resources with an aim of maintaining a capital efficient model .
Nidhi is a social butterfly who is the lifeline of the party and her home. She fearlessly tirades through any challenge that comes her way and converts that into an opportunity. Her relentless work ethic and tough preparation for life’s challenges has got her this far . On a regular work day, you will see her glued to her laptop making last minute changes or additions to the strategy , with a mug of green tea right next to her.
A business and economics major followed by a degree in business and finance management has equipped Mohit with a solid theoretical foundation in the field of management. Powered by global experience and exposure to the real estate market through family business has helped Mohit in understanding the nuances of the real estate sector and pain points faced by realtors in the market, who are the biggest driving force and the bridge between all stakeholders in the real estate industry . The fire of structuring and organising the real estate sector by bringing the agents into focus led to the creation of Monest.His major areas of concentration include strategy formulation and tech developments. Putting it simply, he is the brains behind MONEST with a mission and vision that he is passionate about.His love for food and being innovative by nature also makes him an enthusiast in the hospitality sector.He is also a big fitness buff. He is an avid golfer and swears by it.
A graduate in economics from University of Warwick followed by a post graduate degree in real estate management from Cass Business School, United Kingdom, Nikhil Karnani believes that tech driven real estate is the future and need of the hour. He started his career in 2006 as an analyst at Lehman Brothers at the group’s global real estate division. He performed extensive market research on the real estate industries of Germany, Serbia and Croatia. His mentorship has helped MONEST expand its prowess in the domestic domain by leaps and bounds. Presently, he is in charge of the real estate development initiatives at Isha group and has handled projects with a total valuation of nearly $50 million.
An alumni of SP Jain Management and Research , Mumbai, Prashant Chopra is the director at PS Group Realty Ltd, Kolkata. He currently heads the marketing and finance department at PS Group. A result driven , motivated and resourceful person with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams, Prashant is a strong propagator of the start up industry. He believes investing in emerging companies at the right time enables them to expand their business and achieve competitive advantage at an early stage. Prashant adds tremendous value to the daily operations of MONEST. His detailed advice towards building the company’s infrastructure and finance helps in efficient functioning of the product making it smooth for the founders to focus on developing the best version of the product.
With over 35 years of business experience in West Bengal, Dinesh Sancheti is one of the stalwarts of the real estate sector. He has developed a strong network of connections with the who’s who in this sector- nothing short of a grand feat of accomplishment.
With experience and leadership at his disposal, he stepped into the real estate sector in Kolkata. He is known to have brought newer work sense and ideas into play in this market and workplace .With a relentless go getter attitude and fiery sense of ownership and clarity of vision towards what he was building, he slowly and steadily attracted the big giants of this industry such as PS Group, Siddha and Mani group, launching a number of noteworthy joint ventures and embarking on successful projects with them.
He currently enjoys the golden years of his life reading books and learning more about horticulture.

City Head, Pune

An IT professional with 12+years of experience, Bipin has been an active participant and learner in the field of technical support. His profound professional demeanor and dedication towards his job has held him in good stead and has also been acknowledged by stakeholders of the real estate industry.

City Head, Kolkata

A 2015 Calcutta University Topper, Mehvish is a proficient marketer. She has handled the content, client servicing , branding and social media management aspects at various companies . She is fiercely dedicated towards her work and strongly believes that the real estate sector can be efficiently run by women professionals as well. As a multi tasker, Mehvish is adept at five different forms of dancing and believes in standing out from the crowd as her hair experiments suggest.


A dynamic digital media marketing professional with over 11 years of experience in the field of business strategy implementation and marketing communications , Sumit has an uncanny ability to teach a layman all that digital marketing has to offer. His in depth knowledge in the real estate field has enabled him to move up the ladder in a short span of time.
In his leisure time, he delves into the arena of politics and loves sharing his opinion on various topics.
With over 2 years of experience in the field of client relations , Saul has been in many shoes at once. He is a determined taskmaster and handles the onboarding of new clients at Monest. A talented musician in the making ,Saul specializes in Jazz . This enables him to channel all his energy positively and calms him during hectic work days.

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